Respond to Emergencies at the Strategic (Gold) Level-CPD Accredited


To prepare non-blue light strategic managers to operate as part of a Strategic Co-ordinating Group(SCG) at major emergency incidents.


At the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Define the role and responsibility of a Category Two Responder at a major incident.
  • Define the JESIP Ways of Working.
  • Obtain and analyse the available relevant information to inform decision-making.
  • Make effective decisions based on the best available information.
  • Agree on the policy and strategic framework within which the tactical (silver) level will work and ensure effective two-way communication with the tactical level.
  • Work effectively in cooperation with partner organisations at a strategic level
  • Confirm strategic decisions agreed upon with responders and how these will be implemented.
  • Take action to review the strategy, updating or varying the strategy in response to changing situations or information.
  • Obtain and provide technical and professional advice from suitable sources to inform decision-making where required.
  • Ensure the strategy reflects any relevant policy, legal framework or protocols.
  • Ensure the strategy takes account of the impact on individuals, communities and the environment.
  • Engage effectively in the political decision-making process.
  • Review the scale of required resources and ensure their availability.
  • Ensure that all relevant organisations have sufficient, accurate information with a suitable degree of urgency to enable effective coordination of response.
  • Ensure the development and implementation of an effective communications strategy.
  • Address medium and long-term priorities to facilitate the recovery of affected communities.
  • Ensure provision of continued support for individuals affected by emergencies.
  • Ensure effective delegation to the tactical level of future practice.
  • Fully record decisions, actions, options and rationale in accordance with current information, policy and legislation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and use this information to inform future practice.


  • Any Category Two Responder under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 who will be required to attend Strategic C-Ordinating Group for a major incident.
  • Local Resilience Forum members who may be required to attend the Strategic Co-Ordinating Group.
  • Non-blue light Category One responders or Strategic Managers of organisations who may be required to attend and participate in a Strategic Co-Ordinating Group for a major incident.


Delegates will take part in a seminar involving presentations from key speakers and syndicate exercises. No assessment is required.


Skills for Justice


One day


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(i) Less than seven days from the reserved date, the full cost of the course is due.

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Respond to Emergencies at the Strategic (Gold) Level