Fire Service Incident Command Level 4 Acquisition CPD Accredited


​The course is aimed at fire service principal officers and area managers who will take strategic command at major incidents.


At the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

1). Collect information through observation and consultation with the Level Three incident commander.

2) Interpret an IIMARCH briefing, draw conclusions and agree on further action with the incident commander to progress the resolution of the incident.

3) Identify and segment the strategic priorities of the incident and generate a strategic plan to resolve them.

4). Generate solutions as the incident progresses and circumstances change.

5). Lead inter-agency meetings at the SCG level with other agency partners to evaluate all relevant issues and generate combined solutions, including deployment of joint resources using JESIP principles and practices.

6)Identify and provide support and direction to the fire service tactical commander and functional support officers to resolve the incident or mitigate its effect on the community and the environment.

7)Identify the business resilience of the fire service issues and ensure they are taken into account within the large-scale tactical deployment.

8) Evaluate the needs of mainstream and social media, prepare a media strategy and conduct a media briefing.


Principal Officers and Area Managers.


Delegates will undertake taught input from a qualified tutor with Level Four command experience, case studies, professional discussions, summative assessment and a practical scenario simulation using role players.

Delegates will produce an online portfolio of evidence of competence against National Occupational Standard EFSM1.


Two days.


Continuing Professional Development Office


​£2329 plus VAT per delegate place, a minimum of two delegates at our Kent centres.

£2158 plus VAT per online delegate place via video conferencing

Price on application for delivery at your centre.


Peter Stanley Training is not responsible for the non-attendance of the client’s delegates at the client venue for a booked event. Cancellations due to delegate non-attendance or other foreseeable business activity disruption (i.e. operational requirements or industrial action) are subject to the following charges:

(i) Less than seven days from the reserved date, the full cost of the course is due.

(ii) between 8 to 14 days prior to the reserved date, 50% of course cost (to cover pre-booked tutor hotels, loss of business payment to sessional tutors, student awarding body registrations and other associated costs).

(iii) more than 14 days prior to the reserved date, cancellation incurs no charge.

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