Incident Command Level 3 Command Hours Top-Up/Revalidation-Virtual-CPD Accredited


At the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

1. Analysed the relevant factors when taking over command of an operational incident to generate a situational awareness of the incident.

2. Confirmed that the existing commander has taken appropriate action and determined the effectiveness of the current command team.

3. Confirmed the results of dynamic, analytical and personal risk assessments and carry out a risk-against-gain judgment

4. Assumed command of the incident and taken action to meet the needs of an incident.

5. Matched resources to the needs of the incident.

6. Established a communication structure both with other levels of command and other agencies.

7. Established functional sectors and delegated control of them to manage spans of control.

8. Evaluated the capabilities and limitations of the operational resources available

9. Liaised with other agencies in line with JESIP working principles and models to ensure effective responses and develop a Common Operating Picture (COP)

10. Used an IIMARCH document to brief an oncoming commander.


Level 2 and Level 3 incident commanders who are undertaking an operation competence assessment at the strategic command level as part of a promotion selection process.


Zoom, MS Teams or Cisco Webex


1. Your delegate/s enrol on the course.

2. We assign a tutor to the course, and all of the taught input is delivered to the delegates via video conferencing just the same as if they were in sitting in a teaching room with us.

3. Our tutors are pretty flexible, and the virtual course can even be delivered in the evenings or at weekends.

4.No travelling or hotel accommodation, travel expense or training rooms required.

5. Our practical simulations are delivered using live role players in video conferencing.

6. The practical simulation usually last for two hours, including debriefing,

7. No software download is required to access our video conferencing suite of rooms but delegates do need a PC or laptop, webcam and microphone and a decent internet connection.


We can live stream your delegates practical assessment onto YouTube. Delegates supervisory officers or specialist training officers can watch remotely from their desks and monitor quality and performance with ease without travelling. The video is also available for restricted access post completion of the course as evidence of competence.


4 hours


Delegates will:

  • Undertake an online prep course
  • Complete an online written assessment
  • Undertake a practical scenario simulation


​£1001 plus VAT per virtual delegate place


We invoice you at the point of enrolment on the virtual course so there are no cancellation charges.

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