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  • SfJ Incident Command Assessor

  • Fire Service Incident Command Level 3 Acquisition CPD Accredited

  • Incident Command Level 4 Command Hours Top-Up/Revalidation-Virtual-CPD Accredited

  • Multi Function Support Officer-CPD Accredited

  • SfJ Advanced Incident Command Revalidation [1185]-Open Access

  • Peter Stanley Training Intermediate Incident Command Revalidation [1184]

  • Respond to Emergencies at the Strategic (Gold) Level-CPD Accredited

  • Respond to Emergencies at the Tactical (Silver) Level-CPD Accredited

Incident Command Training 

Incident Command Training courses at Peter Stanley Training are designed and developed by our specialist team of senior Fire Service, Police and Ambulance Service professionals. We believe no other organisation can match the quality, breadth and experience of the training we offer. That’s why we’ve been a trusted partner of UK fire services for over 14 years. 


Quality first

Peter Stanley Training courses extensively use live-action roleplay scenarios for practice and assessment, with our role players exclusively drawn from senior ranks in UK blue-light services. We can deliver courses onsite at your venue, at our offices in Chatham and online. We can tailor our assessment and training scenarios to your risk register, ensuring your delegates get the most relevant training for your region. 

Our proven track record of delivering incident command training to emergency responders at the highest levels in the UK and beyond is a source of great satisfaction for us. We’ve delivered training to Fire Services in the UK, the Caribbean and the Middle East. 



We get our training accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, Skills for Justice and CPD. You can rest assured that you and your delegates will carry forward recognition for the training they’ve completed with us. 


Rising to challenges

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we do things. Here at Peter Stanley Training, we’re enormously proud of our success in ensuring training continuity under the challenging circumstances of recent years, striving to maintain not just the accessibility but the quality of what we do as we transition to stable online learning environments. We’re offering the full range of Peter Stanley Training courses throughout 2022-23. 

One final thing – If you don’t see a course here that matches your needs, let us know. We can tailor courses to your needs quickly and effectively, allowing you to get what you want without doing the heavy lifting yourself. Whatever you need for your incident command training, we can deliver. We look forward to working with you!

Peter Stanley

Director, Peter Stanley Training.